2018 – A Muppetational Year In Review

It’s been a huge year at The Muppet Mindset, with a documentary, Muppet Babies, another live Muppet show and much more keeping us busy.  Today we look back on the year that was 2018, including our big interviews with Frank Oz, Cookie Monster and Abby Cadabby, plus our version of Arrested Development, aptly named Arrested Develmuppet!

Dave Goelz small


January 9th: 2018 – The Year of the Performers
With Disney and Sesame Workshop willing to give the Muppet performers more control, we wondered if this would be the year they got to sit in the drivers seat.  We got another live Muppet show, so that’s something!

January 11th: Other Documentaries We’d Like To Sees we geared up for Muppet Fans Talking, we pitched some more Muppet documentaries!

January 17th: Down at Fraggle Choc
Mast Brothers Chocolate released a limited edition series of chocolates with the Fraggle faces on them.  It looks like, at time of writing, there are still some available!  So go get Mokey chocolate.  We’ll wait here.

January 22nd: The Art of Erin Hunting
Incredible artist Erin Hunting allowed us so show off some of her work.  Fun fact: She worked with Sesame Workshop to create the designs for the new animated Sesame Street segment Abby’s Amazing Adventures!

January 26th: Get A Glimpse of Muppet Babies
We got our first look at the animation for the Disney Junior series Muppet Babies, and marvelled at the fluidity.

January 30th: HQ With Your Guest Host, Bert!
Bert hung at at HQ Trivia HQ, co-hosting the popular quiz app game.



February 1st: EXCLUSIVE – The World Premiere of Lisa Loeb’s ‘Rainbow Connection’
Grammy Award Winner Lisa Loeb graciously chose The Muppet Mindset as the place to premiere her cover of Kermit’s signature song.

February 3rd: Cookie Monster’s NYC Food Tour!
Cookie Monster went on a tour of some of New York City’s finest restaurants, and now we’re hungry again.

February 8th: Let The ‘Guys’ Introduce You To ‘Muppet Guys Talking’
To promote Muppet Guys Talking, Frank Oz, Bill Barretta, Fran Brill and Dave Goelz hung out on Skype, where Bill took credit for Cookie Monster.

February 12th: The Jim Henson Planter
That darn JD Hansel from MuppetHub.com and the Muppet Fans Talking podcast went to check out the big Sam and Friends themed planter in Hyattsville.

February 14th: Muppet Mindset’s Valentine’s Day Cards 2018!
We made a bunch of Valentine’s Day cards with bad rhymes.  They’re the perfect way to let your spouse know you forgot to get them anything.

February 22nd: Rumor Mill: A New Muppet TV Show?
The Hollywood Reporter reported that a new Muppet series could be headed to Disney’s new streaming service in 2019.  Though not much have been announced since, we know that there have been some serious talks.

February 23rd: The Muppets Are Taking London!
The Muppets announced a brand new live Muppet show at the O2 Arena in London!

February 26th: Kermit, Piggy & Fozzie Do The UK Rounds ==
With the announcement of the O2 shows, Kermit, Piggy and Fozzie popped by a few TV shows to promote ticket sales.

February 26th: Should A New Muppet Show Be ‘The Muppet Show’?
Jarrod Fairclough pondered if a new Muppet series should revert back to the glory days, or try something new.  Many people did NOT agree with him.

Muppet Guys Talking - Fran Brill & Frank


March 1st: Shoehorning In Beaker: Oscars 2018
We shoehorned Beaker in to a bunch of Oscar nominated movies’ posters, like Meep Out and I, Beaker.

March 8th: Trailer Breakdown: Muppet Babies
Muppet Babies came out at the end of March, so Disney were in full swing with the promotions.  We checked out the trailer, bit by bit, and loved it.

March 12th: Muppet Guys Talking: Spoiler Free Review
March 12th kicked of Muppet Guys Talking week.  We began with a spoiler free review of the documentary.  Spoiler alert: We loved it.

March 13th: Watch All The Previews of Muppet Guys Talking!
We put together a whole stack of promo videos from the team at Muppet Guys Talking in one convenient place!

March 14th: We Interviewed Frank Oz! Part 1
In what may be the biggest get this site will ever achieve, we interviewed the legendary Frank Oz, about his documentary, his first memory of Jim Henson, and the non-educational aspects of Sesame Street.  At the conclusion of our allotted 15 minutes, Frank encouraged us to keep asking questions because he was enjoying himself.  That lead to…

March 15th: We Interviewed Frank Oz! Part 2
Flying by the seat of his pants, Jarrod managed to interview Frank for another half an hour, turning it in to more of a conversation.  They talked Muppet Show guest stars, Hugga Wugga, Frank’s willingness to return to The Muppets, and Frank changed Jarrod’s idea of Miss Piggy in just a couple of sentences.

March 16th: Review: Muppet Guys Talking
We reviewed Muppet Guys Talking again, this time with all those little spoilers.  We loved seeing Jerry Nelson again, we learned that Dave Goelz had questions about Grover’s nose, and laughed a heck of a lot.

March 17th: The Premiere of Muppet Guys Talking
The ‘guys’ in Muppet Guys Talking hosted an online premiere over Skype, with special guests including Rian Johnson, Adam Savage and Alan Tudyk.

March 24th: Review: Muppet Babies
We reviewed the brand new Disney Junior series Muppet Babies, and loved every second of it.  It’s still one of the freshest and funniest Muppet productions we’ve had in years.

bob iger skeeter 2


April 1st: Muppet Babies Has Been Cancelled
April Fools!  We announced that Disney chief Bob Iger had cancelled Muppet Babies because Skeeter hadn’t been included in the cast.

April 7th: The Muppets Are Hilarity
The Muppets hung out with Seth Rogen, Chelsea Peretti and Kumail Nanjiani on Netflix for charity.

April 11th: Cookie Promonster
To promote his new book The Joy of Cookies, Cookie Monster worked at the Washington Post and then visited Rachael Ray to make banana bread.  I’m kidding.  They made cookies.

April 14th: Confess with Colbert and Cookie
Cookie then stayed up late and confessed with Stephen Colbert.

April 24th: Ernie, Kermit & Bret (Or, One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other)
Ernie, Kermit and Bret McKenzie spent some time chatting about their big Retrospectacle in New Zealand.


May 3rd: Life’s A Happy Song in New Zealand: The Jim Henson Retrospectacle Live in Concert Recap
Our pal Abigail Maughan recapped the big concert in New Zealand, featuring Fraggles, Sesame Street and Muppets!

May 7th: Kermit The Font
Some designers created a font based on Kermit.  It’s fun and whimsy.

May 14th: The Jim Henson Retrospectacle: Celebrating Jim Henson
After her New Zealand trip, Abigail continued to recap the big event, sharing highlights from a wonderful panel dedicated to Jim.

May 21st: Why The Happytime Murders Probably Isn’t Always Like That
In a fairly divisive article, we relayed information from a puppeteer on Happytime that the initial trailer wasn’t an accurate depiction of the film itself.  Turns out it was.  Oops.

May 26th: Sesame Workshop Files Lawsuit Against STX Entertainment
Sesame Workshop took issue with Happytime Murders’ tagline ‘No Sesame. All Street’.

May 29th: Arrested Develmuppet
To celebrate the new season of Arrested Development, Jarrod spent 3 weeks editing together a parody, entitle Arrested Develmuppet.  Response was minimal.  So go watch it.

May 31st: Sesame Workshop Loses Case Against STX Entertainment
Sesame Workshop lost their case, and Happytime was allowed to continue using their tagline.


June 4th: Creepy Button Eye Shirts
Uniqlo revealed a bunch of Sesame Street shirts featuring Coraline-like eyes.  Fun fact: We’re wearing one of those shirts as we type this!

June 6th: The Muppets Break The Internet
The new trailer for Ralph Breaks The Internet showed that Kermit and Beaker’s likenesses made silent appearances in the film.

June 13th: The Many Faces of Miss Nanny
Miss Nanny doesn’t have a head, but she has a voice.  We went through the animated characters of Jenny Slate and put their heads on the caretaker’s body.

June 14th: How To Celebrate Miss Piggy Day 2018
Our joint holiday with ToughPigs, Miss Piggy Day, returned for it’s second year.  We taught you how to celebrate.

June 19th: Grover’s Commencement Speech
Everyone’s favorite cute and adorable blue monster gave a commencement speech to all those graduating this year.  It was cute and adorable.

June 25th: We Interviewed Cookie Monster & Abby Cadabby!
In our favorite thing we did this year, we hung out with Cookie and Abby while they were in Australia.  We did magic tricks, gave gifts, and Cookie finished a meal 2 years in the making…

June 27th: Elmo Presents HQ Trivia
Elmo followed in Bert’s footsteps and co-hosted the popular trivia app game.  Then he dabbed.

electric mayhem


July 2nd: Sesame Street’s Fourth of July-ly-ly
In an amusing but baffling choice, Sesame Street chose an 18 year old song by NSYNC to skewer for their 4th of July celebrations.

July 13th: The Muppets Take The O2 Merch!
Merch for the O2 shows went live online, and are still available now.  Fun fact: The email announcing the merchandise came from an official Disney email address with a very familiar name.  I think it was something like Ryan Dosier.

July 16th: Clips From The Muppets Take The O2
We compiled a whole heap of clips from The Muppets Take The O2, putting them in order.  At time of writing all clips are still watchable, so why not go see Link Hogthrob regenerate in to the Thirteen Doctor.

July 17th: My Take on… The Muppets Take The O2
Our own Kieran Moore attended all three live shows, and did a huge write up on the entire thing.  Plus, he Disneybounded with his niece and nephew, and it’s super cute.

July 18th: Why Do The Muppets Captivate Us?
In a short but significant piece, Greg Whittle put in to words why he thinks the world is so drawn to puppet frogs, pigs and bears.

July 31st: Let Red Make You An Honorary Fraggle
During a panel celebrating Fraggle Rock’s 35th anniversary, Red stopped by to make the entire audience honorary Fraggle’s.  And you can be one too!



August 14th: Promos To Make You Happytime
We compiled a bunch of the promo videos for The Happytime Murders so you could contain your shocked amusement in one place.

August 15th: Beaker In Spaaaaaaace!
The team manning the camera on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spotted a pattern that looked remarkably like a certain hapless scientist assistant.

August 21st: The Fresh Princes of Sesame Street
Ernie and Bert rapped about how they met in this parody video of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  What a timely reference!

August 24th: The Happytime Murders: Spoiler Free Review
We reviewed The Happytime Murders but didn’t reveal that Sandra was the villain.

August 27th: The Happytime Murders: Spoiler Filled Review
We reviewed The Happytime Murders and revealed that Sandra was the villain.

August 31st: The Top 150 Songs of: The Past 150 Charts!
In an incredible feat of writing, Kieran ranked every number one song from every Top 10 chart he’s done.  Kieran’s been away this month but he’ll be back in 2019 to keep on going!



September 5th: The VFX of Happytime Murders!
Wonder how they did the effects in The Happytime Murders?  Wonder no more, because we found a few videos detailing the visual effects put in to the film.  Did you know some of the puppets weren’t even real?

September 7th: Is It Time To Retire The Term ‘Muppeteer’?
Jim Henson hated the phrase ‘Muppeteer’, so we argued that maybe it was time to stop using it.  Surprisingly, many people got super aggressive about the idea in the comments on our social media channels.  Yikes.

September 8th: Muppet Babies 2: Electric Mayhem Boogaloo
Muppet Babies got renewed for a second season.  Some people thought our title meant The Electric Mayhem would be added to the cast.  It did not.

September 11th: The Art of Luke Flowers
Artist Luke Flowers let us show off some of his amazing work, including a Mythbusters parody, a Mickey Mouse/Kermit banjo duet, and a Labyrinth alphabet!

September 15th: Sesame Street: 50 Years And Counting
Sesame Street revealed their 50th anniversary logo, as well as what we can expect in 2019 for the occasion.

September 15th: Tea Lizard Of Oz
Kermit was announced as joining the cast of a pantomime of The Wizard of Oz in Los Angeles, playing the titular role.  The show is still on now, and by all accounts is pretty great.

September 20th: Fan (end of the) Week 2018
Fan Week returned in a reduced format this year, as we showed off art and replicas by Muppet fans.  While once a highly popular feature, Fan Week likely won’t return in 2019.

September 25th: Coming Soon: The History of ‘Sam and Friends’
Craig Shemin is writing a book about Jim’s original television series.  I can’t wait to read Yorick fan fiction!

caroll week


October 2nd: The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell
Netflix released the trailer for their newest baking show, which featured Henson puppets!

October 4th: The Art of Alice Cuthill
Fan artist Alice Cuthill let us show off her amazing work.  The Lips/Simpsons mashup is a personal favorite.

October 8th: 2 More Sesame Books!
Sesame announced 2 new books to be released in 2019.  The first is a complilation of artwork from 50 years of books, the second is a life advice book by Oscar.

October 11th: The Cookie Monster Nosh!
Halloween came early as Cookie, The Count, Elmo, Zoe and Grover sung an ear worm parody of The Monster Mash.

October 17th: Caroll Spinney Is Retiring
The living legend Caroll Spinney announced his retirement from Sesame Street after 50 years.

October 22nd: Caroll Spinney Week: An Open Letter To Caroll.
We spent a week celebrating the career of Caroll Spinney, and Jarrod began by writing an open letter to the man, thanking him for decades of dedication to Sesame Street’s vision.

October 27th: Below The Frame: Season 3, Episode 1 – A Tribute To Caroll Spinney
Matt Vogel’s ‘Below The Frame’ returned, dedicating an entire episode to Caroll Spinney and the retirement party they’d just thrown him.



November 1st: More Creepy Button Eye Shirts
Uniqlo announced even more Sesame Street tshirts with creepy eyes.

November 1st: Inktobert
Jarrod took part in the art challenge Inktober, and drew 31 different pictures of Bert in varying styles.

November 8th: Review: The Muppets Meet The Classics – Fairy Tales From The Brothers Grimm
We reviewed the newest Muppet Meet The Classics, and laughed when our favorite obscure character Angus McGonagle turned up!

November 13th: Review: When You Wish Upon A Pickle
Sesame Street’s latest primetime special aired, and we loved Amanda Seyfried, who stole the show.

November 14th: Meet Robot Big Bird
There’s a robotic Big Bird coming to an amusement park in Spain.  And it’s terrifying.

November 22nd: What I’m Thankful For – 2018
Jarrod celebrated Thanksgiving by thanking everyone who’s made 2018 such a great year!  Including you!  Yes, you!

November 28th: The Return of Sesame Street Records!
Sesame Street records are coming back, and all your old favorites will soon be available to stream!  Here’s to putting ‘Do De Rubber Duck’ on repeat for 5 days.

November 30th: Street Tank
Bert, Grover, Oscar and Guy Smiley featured in parody of Shark Tank that was also an announcement of Sesame’s Early Futures campaign.

84th Academy Awards, Muppets


December 1st: Kermit Stays Up Late Late
Kermit was a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden, where they sang Man or Muppet and danced from the waist up.

December 6th: 12 Days of Christmas Cookies
Cookie Monster and Forgetful Jones (yes, that Forgetful Jones) featured in this 12 Days of Christmas video.  Okay, so Forgetful didn’t talk.  But he was there.

December 7th: The Muppets Should Host The Oscars
In by far our most popular article this year, we argued that The Muppets should be given the chance to host the Oscars, considering no-one wants the job.

December 11th: Fork Knife and Shellfies
Pepe the King Prawn presented at The Game Awards for some reason, but spent most of his time pronouncing ‘Fortnite’ wrong.

December 17th: Review: The Muppets Carpool Karaoke
The Muppets drove around LA with Jason Sudekis, so we did what we do best – picked it apart!

December 18th: The Cast of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance
Mark Hamill, Andy Samberg and Nathalie Emmanuel join an insanely talented cast of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, due out in 2019.

December 19th: Kermit & Corden’s (Brief) Rainbow Connection
Kermit stopped by The Late Late Show again, to very briefly sing his famous tune with James Corden.

December 21st: Eggy Noggy
Forget Muppet Christmas Carol and Muppet Family Christmas.  This 3 minute segment of Muppets Tonight is the best Christmas production the Muppets ever did.  Don’t @ me.

December 25th: Merry Christmas 2018!
We celebrated Christmas with parody posters of famous holiday movies, including the best one of all time – Die Hard.  Peter Linz enjoyed the Home Alone one so much he shared it all over his social media!

That’s all from us for 2018!  We’ll be back next year with even more Celebrational Muppetational content!