What Muppets Fans Got For Christmas 2018


Jarrod Fairclough – It’s only 352 days until Christmas, gang!  You’d better start your shopping now, because the stores are only going to get busier.

But before you pop out to buy the worlds largest advent calender, a bunch of Muppet fans would like to show you what they got for Christmas a couple of weeks back!


Starting with me, I was gifted a copy of The Muppet Show Annual Number 3 from 1979, second hand from a shop all the way in England by friends of the site Sean and Hollie.  For their wedding I got them a video of Elmo wishing them a happy life.  Who’s to say who’s the better gift giver?  (I kid!)


Melissa was given a copy of Of Muppets and Men.  Not only that, but her husband wrapped it with a bag of LEGO to throw her off.  Sneaky!


Becca was given some Big Bird cake tins, with a very cool story to go with it:
We went to Gen Con over the summer and I met Deb and Carroll Spinney. Deb and I chatted about the Big Bird cake pans from the 80’s (It was my birthday cake when I turned 2 -she said every kid in the family had Big Bird cakes forever). My husband spent hours searching for the pans for me or Christmas. I cried.


Emily was given an amazing custom made eyeglass holder by her sister, who commissioned it from a talented knitter.  We’ll take 5, please and thank you.


Our pal (and Happytime Murders puppeteer) Jayden Libran got a stack of presents!  They included Jen and Kira dolls, a Chamberlain Skeksis statue, a Scarecrow Kermit plush, Palisades Sam Arrow, Culinary Catastrophe Chef, mini Thog, and a Muppets On the Town book!

Muppets-Art Of Coloring

Marc was given The Art of Coloring: The Muppets by Disney, which is very cool.



Finally, our pal Frederic got a tonne of great stuff, including the soundtracks for The Muppet Christmas Carol, The Muppet Movie and Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas, a Super Grover shirt, a Muppet shirt, The Muppet Show: Music, Mayhem and More! CD, an Elmo mug, a Cookie Monster bowl, a set of Sesame Street buttons, a Sesame Street keychain, Oscar the Grouch Talking button, Big Bird’s Lullaby/The Snufflelullaby, and a Grover tie!

All in all, a pretty good haul for Muppet fans this year!  Thanks to those who sent stuff in.  If you’re feeling Christmassy still, head on over to MuppetHub.com to listen to the Muppets Fans Talking podcast.  The latest episode, Muppet Fans Talking #13 – “Ladies and Gentlemen … Paul Williams”, is a full-on 45 minute scripted spoof of Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, including multiple musical numbers, and me doing multiple impressions of Muppets!  Speaking of MuppetHub, this Saturday we’re doing a live Q&A, so be following our social media pages and we’ll let you know when we’re on!