The Muppets Drop The Mic

drop the mic.jpg

Jarrod Fairclough – Hello, Muppet fans!  Sorry we weren’t around much last week – sometimes life gets a little hectic, and when you’re running a site virtually solo, sometimes it has to suffer.  But we’re back, and over the next few days we’ll catch you up on the the couple of things we didn’t get around to covering over the past week.

Drop The Mic is a fun little comedy/reality show where celebrities rap battle other celebrities.  Sometimes it’s Halle Berry vs James Corden, or Seth Rogen vs Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  And last week, Pepe and Kermit teamed up against Miss Piggy and Beaker, to great response.

You can watch the entire hilarious 5:38 clip below, where Miss Piggy gets a little meta, Pepe gets a little personal, and Beaker gets extremely vulgar.