Rumor: The Muppets Live Another Day with Josh Gad

Muppets Take Manhattan

Jarrod Fairclough – A while back it was revealed that Disney were considering a new Muppet series for their Disney+ streaming service, scheduled to debut later this year.  A lot of people hoped and prayed that it was an updated version of The Muppet Show, something that seemed relatively likely considering the recent shortcomings of some Muppet productions.

Now, SplashReport is reporting a rumor that the new series will in fact be story based, and is being headed up by actor and writer Josh Gad, who you may know as Olaf in Frozen, among many other film/TV and stage roles.  Also on board are the two guys who made Once Upon A Time.


Be sure to take this with a large truckload of salt, but the series is rumored to be set in the 1980’s, immediatly after the events of The Muppets Take Manhattan.  Kermit disbands the gang, but then brings them together after Rowlf disappears mysteriously.  It’s currently titled ‘The Muppets Live Another Day’.

You’d be right to say ‘Hubba wha?’ after reading that.  It’s certainly a unique idea, but one that we’re sure would be interesting to watch.  We’ll let you know more as we hear it!