Respect – With Cersei, Tyrion and Elmo!?

elmo game of thrones

Jarrod Fairclough – Just days ago I wrote how Sesame Street and Game of Thrones have intersected multiple times, making a point of Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage’s ties to the long running series.  Now, as if the Many Faced God was looking down on me, Elmo has travelled to Westeros to teach the feuding Lannister siblings a little thing about respect!  Honestly, this feels like a bizarre fever dream, but it’s real, and it’s brilliant.

That’s not all, though.  Cookie Monster headed to Westworld, to talk about respect with Dolores and Bernard.  And from a recent press release from Sesame Workshop, it seems we may be getting more of these sorts of things throughout 2019.

Less a cross-over and more a video clip, the Muppets of Sesame Street hung out with rapper Common, to sing about respect.  Are you sensing a pattern here, yet?  It’s all to do with Sesame Street and HBO’s new initiative about Respect bringing us together.  I can’t wait to see more…