A Free Puppetry Lesson From Sesame Street

sesame street puppetry workshop.jpg

Jarrod Fairclough – Every Muppet performer has been asked by tonnes of fans how they can become a puppeteer, and Sesame Street have taken to giving week long masterclasses once a year.  Unfortunately only a select few are chosen, so the vast majority of us never get a chance to have a puppetry lesson by the greats.

Lucky for us then, that Matt Vogel, Marty Robinson and Jennifer Barnhart went live on Sesame Street’s Facebook page on Friday, to give us a free class for well over an hour, which is available for you to watch below (the video starts around the 6:20 mark).

There’s some great behind the scenes clips and bloopers, as well as some exclusive material made just for this show – who knew Telly and Mr Johnson were friends?