Muppet Babies Become Muppets!

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Jarrod Fairclough – Muppet Babies is one of Disney Junior’s biggest hits, in part because of the show’s design.  The characters are made to look like puppets, to the point where you can see individual fibers on Kermit’s felt skin.  So, it was only time before someone made actual puppets of them, and it just happened to be Disney themselves!

Airing yesterday, and premiering every Friday on Disney Junior’s YouTube page until August 1st,these new videos feature the Muppet Babies characters as actual Muppets, singing songs and playing games!

Even more amazing is that Disney Junior actually got some of the real Muppet performers to come in and play their characters, working with the voices of the animated show’s cast!  So, Matt Vogel lip synced to Matt Danner’s Kermit, Eric Jacobson lip synced to Eric Bauza’s Fozzie etc.  We aren’t sure who else was involved on the puppeteering front, but safe to say we’ve likely heard of them!

The idea sprung from the mind of Exective Producer Tom Warburton, who was interviewed about the process by Entertainment Weekly.

Of course, this feels very reminiscent of I’m Gonna Always Love You from The Muppets Take Manhattan.  Doesn’t that nostalgia just punch you in the gut?

Enjoy these two behind the scenes shots from Eric Bauza’s Twitter and Instagram, and be sure to come back every Saturday as we share the shorts.

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