Bo Burnham Is Writing Words Words Words For The Sesame Street Movie

bo burnham

Jarrod Fairclough – In wildly exciting news, Deadline yesterday reported that comedian and writer Bo Burnham will be writing songs for the upcoming Sesame Street movie!  Bo shot to fame as a teenager on YouTube with hilarious songs, and has gone on to do several hour long specials, which are well worth a watch if you’re unfamiliar with his work (Make Happy is a particular favorite, and is available on Netflix).

Bo wrote and directed the critically acclaimed Eighth Grade, which came out last year, and was nominated for a slew of awards.

Reports don’t indicate how many songs Bo will write for the movie, but it will likely be a handful.  I don’t think that I can handle this right now.

Deadline reports the films synopsis as:
Big Bird and his Sesame Street friends are mysteriously expelled from their neighborhood, finding themselves in Manhattan. They team up with Sally Hawthorne, a plucky history-show host who’s on a quest to save her progrma and prove that Sesame Street actually exists. Obstacles are created by the “evil” mayor, with reasons of his own for keeping Sesame Street hidden from the world.

Anne Hathaway is slated to star as Sally Hawthorne.

This movie is shaping up to be a cracker.  Anne Hathaway AND Bo Burnham?  Now give us Bryan Cranston as the evil mayor, and we’ll start throwing Academy Awards at them immediately.