Sesame Street – 50th DVD Coming Soon


Jarrod Fairclough – For the past 6 months we’ve had multiple people ask us if Sesame Street would be releasing a celebratory DVD commemorating the 50th anniversary, and for the past 6 months we’ve had no idea – until now.  Announced yesterday, you’ll soon be able to own ‘Sesame Street – 50 Years And Counting’.

The 2-disc set features over 5 hours of footage from the show’s history, including celebrity cameos, individual segments featuring all your favorite pals, and a butt-load of their best songs.  The second disc will contain selected ‘Street Stories’ in their entirity, including Snuffy’s reveal, and the wedding of Maria and Luis.

The DVD is available to pre-order here for under $14, and will be released October 1st – that’s so soonish!

And if you’re worried it’s just the same old material we’ve seen before, you’d need not.  Our pal Joe Hennes from ToughPigs was one of the lead curators of the DVD set, and while there will be some overlap with the 40 Years of Sunny Days and Old School DVDs, he assures us that there is a vast amount of material that has never been released on DVD before!