Kermit Consults Amphibia

Jarrod Fairclough – The Disney Channel are about to premiere a new show called Amphibia, unfortunately not starring our favorite frog.  They have, however, brought him on as a consultant in this new clip!

The video is… fine.  Matt Vogel is doing a superb job, and there are a couple of pretty funny lines, but it feels odd having Kermit promote something that isn’t Muppety.  Like, who is this for?  Is this just a promotional tactic to get Muppet fans talking about it?  If so – well played.  But if Disney want to use The Muppets for something, maybe they should actually make something a little more substantial.  Yes, they’ve shot some shorts for Disney+, but in the interim this is all we’re getting?  That’s kind of a kick in the head.  (We’ve also heard rumblings that the Josh Gad series for Disney+ is no longer going ahead, though we can’t confirm either way at this time).

Kermit also did a ‘React’ video to the show’s opening titles.  Again, it’s… fine.