Sesame Street at SDCC!


Jarrod Fairclough – Sesame Street Fever isn’t just an album from 1978 with one of the Bee-Gees, it’s also a deadly virus that kills over one person every decade.  But it’s also just what we call it when people are excited about Sesame Street!

And loads of people were excited this weekend when Elmo, Grover, Bert, Oscar, Big Bird and The Count headed to San Diego Comic-Con to promote the 50th anniversary of the long running series.  The characters did a panel, and while we don’t have much video of that yet, we do have a great interview they all did with Marvel Entertainment, at one stage joined by Sonia Manzano, aka Maria!  Watch below as Grover complains about spandex, Elmo gets selfish with a tote bag, and The Count reveals his superpower.

At the time of publishing, we only have this video from the Sesame panel of Big Bird doing a Comic-Con inspired version of ‘Sing After Me’, so enjoy!

Finally, our pals at Hasbro have been on hand promoting the Cookie Monster Photo Puppet Replica, now available for pre-order!  If you want to get your hands on one of these bad boys, you can head right here to order! (Photo courtesy of

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