Muppet Babies Play Date: The Last 6!

Every Friday until August 1st, Disney Junior premiered Muppet Babies Play Date, a series of shorts which showcase the Muppet characters from the CGI series reimagined as actual real life Muppet puppets.  The series is unique in that some of the core Muppet performers returned to perform their characters, with dubbing done by the cartoon series’ cast.
We’ve missed the past six week’s worth of videos, so please enjoy the remaining six episodes, and come back on Friday 9th August for our interview with Muppet Babies’ Matt Danner and Tom Warburton, which includes a lengthy explaination on the creation of these shorts.

In this first episode, Kermit’s cup stacking gets interuppted by Animal’s desire to play soccer.

In this second episode, Kermit tries to sing Old MacDonald with some help from his friends.

In this third episode, Gonzo and his best friend Potato play some games.

In this fourth episode, Piggy gets super fabulous in a fashion show.

In this fifth episode, Animal and his friend Esai attempt to play soccer.

In this final episode, Kermit tries to direct a play, only for Fozzie to keep going off script.