Strange Search Terms

Strange Search Terms

Jarrod Fairclough – Owning a Muppet site means having to check out the statistics occasionally; How many people are visiting?  From which countries?  And what are people typing in to bring them to The Muppet Mindset?

That is our favorite stat to check, because sometimes people Google odd things.  But, we’re helpful here, so once again we’re checking out some of their questions, and attempting to answer them!

muppets today i feel poster

While the above will send you to this post from 2014 featuring Muppet inspirational posters, it’s likely the searcher wanted this poster.

today i feel poster

muppets janice walking around naked

We hope this is in reference to the following line from The Great Muppet Caper and not some Rule 34 type thing…
“Look, Mother. It’s my life, okay? So if I want to live on a beach and walk around naked… Oh.”


beemer muppets

While we assume the searcher meant the hapless lab assistant Beaker, it’s entirely possible they meant Dr. Beemer, Fozzie’s pediatrician in the 1995 Golden Book Baby Fozzie Visits The Doctor.  Probably not, though…


kermit the frog drinking coca-cola

We really hope this is a reference to our 2016 April Fools Day prank, in which we announced that Coca Cola had bought The Muppet Mindset, and spent the day posting Coke related articles, one of which included this image.


the muppets bunsen and beaker songs

Bunsen and Beaker haven’t sung a tonne of songs in their history with The Muppets, but they have done a few, which our pal Kieran Moore listed right here, including Room In Your Heart and I Got You, Babe.

muppet character lady

Oh boy.  Miss Piggy?  Yolanda?  Annie Sue?  Janice?  Miss Mousey?  Denise?  No?  What about from Sesame Street?  Abby Cadabby?  Zoe?  Prairie Dawn?  Rosita?  Julia?  Curly Bear?  Grundgetta?  Mama Bear?  Natasha?  Betty Lou?  Alice Snuffleupagus?  Polly Darton?


sesame street character with big mustache

Mr Johnson has a big mustache, but many other characters have worn fake facial hair, too.

Mr Johnson angry

who was the anger management girl in the muppets movie

The wonderful Kristen Schaal.

08 Kristen Schaal as Anger Group Moderator