Check Out The Muppet Christmas Carol Storybook


Jarrod Fairclough – Do you hear the faint jingling of Christmas bells, folks?  The singing of a street corner choir?  The giving of a gift to another?  Then perhaps it’s starting to feel like Christmas!  After all, it is only 124 days away!  And only 100 days until we start obnoxiously singing the songs from The Muppet Christmas Carol relentlessly until our neighbor Phil calls the cops.

But you’ll be able to enjoy the story of The Muppet Christmas Carol even earlier this year, with the release of a storybook version of the classic film!  Releasing October 29th from Insight Edition, the storybook has been adapted by Brooke Vitale, and is illustrated by our pal Luke Flowers!  Luke is by far one of the best Muppet artists working today, and his designs are gorgeous.  He’s such a Muppet fan, that he’s slipped in some great Easter Eggs for us hardcore Muppet nerds.

ToughPigs exclusively released these images yesterday, and we’re excited to share them with you.  You can pre-order the book right here!