Kermit & Deadly Take D23

Jarrod Fairclough – For the past couple of days, Disney has been hosting their annual D23 convention, showcasing all the incredible upcoming series and films they have in production, as well as news on the various Disney Parks.  Of course, the most exciting news for us is that the Muppets are doing a series of unscripted shorts, titled Muppets Now!

We already knew Kermit would be hosting the Amphibia panel, as well as popping up in a couple of other places.  But what we didn’t expect was the appearance of Uncle Deadly at the Haunted Mansion panel!  Uncle Deadly plays the Ghost Host in this reading of an early draft of the Haunted Mansion script, and suffice to say, he steals the show!

Deadly even got his own Disney badge for the event, as this picture from Matt Vogel’s social media shows.

deadly disney pin.jpg

Kermit sat down with Good Morning America during the convention to discuss a little about his love life, confirming that he and Piggy are still seperated.

Finally, we have the audio of the Muppets Now promo that was shared during the convention.  Uploaded to YouTube, this audio has Kermit trying to explain what the series is, only to be stopped by Joe the Legal Weasel, who is performed by Peter Linz.  With any luck we’ll get the full footage soon.