Sesame Street LEGO Coming Soon!

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Jarrod Fairclough – Remember WAY back when we were spruking our pal Ivan Guerrero’s concept for an official Sesame Street set?  Ivan had submitted it on LEGO Ideas, a place where anyone can pitch a concept, and if it gets 10,000 votes it will be considered for creation.  And then a few months ago, he hit his mark, with a lot of promotion on his Twitter page, as well as through the fansites.

It turns out LEGO thought the idea was viable, because last week it was announced that the 123 Sesame Street LEGO setwill become a reality!  Though we have no idea when it will be released, we’d bet on seeing it next year sometime.

You can see the concept images below (open the image in a new tab for a bigger picture), which will be taken by LEGO and then tweaked to fit their design specifications.

Ivan also has another two Muppet inspired designs up for vote on LEGO Ideas, The Muppet Show and The Muppet Performers, both of which are worth a click.  Congratulations, Ivan!

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