Muppet Newsflash – 21st October 2019

Muppet Newsflash


Sesame Street’s 50th Anniversary Celebration
Here’s something you’ll need to know reading this Newsflash – Sesame Street is turning 50 this year!  After months of appearances, promotions and the like, we’re about to reach the actual date that marks 50 years of our favorite educational children’s programming.

To celebrate, Sesame have filmed a full length primetime special, which will air on Saturday 9th November on HBO, and on Sunday 17th November on PBS!
The desciption, which we’ve copied from ToughPigs, reads as such:

Sesame Street’s 50th Anniversary Celebration is an all-ages primetime event that offers a sweeping look back at fifty years on the Street. Hosted by Joseph Gordon Levitt, the special reimagines classic segments and songs as the Sesame Street gang gets ready for a big party to celebrate the neighborhood’s 50th birthday. When the famous street sign goes missing before the party, it’s up to Elmo, Rosita, Grover, and Abby to track it down, while Big Bird and Snuffy plan a surprise of their own.

The special marks the return of Kermit the Frog, plus an appearance by Roosevelt Franklin, who is being voiced by Sesame human Chris Knowings.  All your favorite humans return, like Bob, Maria, Gordon, Susan, Luis, even Linda!  Plus Alan, Chris and Nina will be around too.

For a full look at the special’s description, including what Gordon Levitt is doing with a Yip Yip Martian, head to ToughPigs’ article!


Meet Charlie
Of course, 50 years means an actual 50th season, not just primetime specials.  And joining the cast is a new kid, Charlie!  Played by Violet Tinnirello, Charlie is the 8 year old of a military family who move to Sesame Street after retiring from service.  She’s described as outgoing, and eager to become friends with all the weird and wonderful characters on the Street.

Charlie is planned to be in 6 episodes of the 50th season, but who knows – maybe she’s the next Gabi, and kids are going to grow up with her!


50th Season Synopsis
Speaking of the 50th season, Sesame Workshop have released some episode synopsis as well as an all round season description, giving us an idea of what to expect.  The curriculum focuses on ‘The Power of Possibility’, and what to do when you’ve made a mistake.

Via ToughPigs:

To stay resilient and curious when faced with day-to-day obstacles, children need to master the following skills: positive thinking (trying new things, embracing silly ideas, asking questions); perseverance (saying “It’s okay to make mistakes,” “I’ll keep trying,” “I won’t give up”; and self-confidence (thinking “I can do this!” even when the going gets tough). This season, Elmo and friends model those skills as they overcome social, physical, and academic challenges that will be very familiar to little ones. In one episode, Elmo wants to join his friends outside on a snowy day, but gets frustrated as he struggles with getting dressed on his own; with a little help from his friend Jacket, he remembers to take a deep breath and keep trying until he’s all bundled up and ready to play. In another episode, Abby Cadabby’s brother Rudy feels upset when he “ruins” a drawing; Alan encourages him to keep trying, and Rudy eventually creates a new picture inspired by his mistake.

4th july.jpg

As for actual episode descriptions, here’s just a brief run down.  You can get full synopsis (and some photos) on ToughPigs.

  • Big Bird and Nina decide to go on a cross country road trip to visit Big Bird’s cousin in California.
  • Cookie Monster and Gonger face off against Alan and Grover in a baking contest.
  • The fruit decide to move away from Sesame Street.
  • Zoe breaks her arm.
  • Sesame Street celebrates the 4th of July.