Three! Three Sesame Street Videos! Ah ah ah!

sesame videos

Jarrod Fairclough – Boy, that Sesame Street show sure is popular.  I wonder if it’s going to get another season or billion?  People love it, which is probably why companies like to make fun videos with their characters.  And we’ve got two to show you right now!

The first video features Elmo and a couple of friends, as he tells Vanity Fair all the stuff he likes to do in a day including teeth brushing, thinking about Adele, and ignoring potatoes.

The second video by Mashable features Cookie Monster in a spoof of the HBO series Succession with star Brian Cox.

“But wait” I hear you ask.  “Earlier you said you had two videos to show us, but the title of the post is Three Sesame Street Videos.  Are you just bad at counting?  Do you need some private tutoring from The Count?”

No, the final video is available in link form only, and will only be available until November 24th.  But, it’s the amazing Sesame Street 50th Anniversary Celebration, which you can stream right here thanks to PBS!  (We’ll be back to edit this in a week (he says with no confidence he’ll remember))..