Logo For Regal Eagle Smokehouse Revealed


Jarrod Fairclough – A couple of days ago we shared the news that Walt Disney World is getting the Regal Eagle Smokehouse restaurant, to be hosted by the most patriotic patriot of all – Sam the Eagle.  We weren’t sure just how much Sam would actually be incorporated into the establishment, but Sam’s made the logo, so there’s a good sign!

The new EPCOT restaurant is home to Sam’s Centennial Cook-Off: A Salute to All Cook Offs But Mostly Barbeque, and that diners are the beneficiaries of the contest.  The restaurant features barbeque cuisines from all over the United States, with a plant based option for those who want it too.  You can get a small idea of the menu by clicking here.

Sam will also appear on merchandise, and we expect you all to be rocking t-shirts as you walk around the park.

Also revealed is this sign, advertising the cook off, and will likely be around the area as it’s being built.  It’s scheduled to open ‘later this winter’.