Bushfire Relief Campaign – More Prizes To Be Won!

Jarrod Fairclough – After launching our fundraising campaign for the Australian bushfires on Monday, I’m glad to say we’ve raised over $800 so far!  The response has been fantastic, with loads of people jumping on board.  In fact, our pal Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Abby Cadabby) was so on board that she’s donating two seperate prize packs that will be given to some random lucky donators!

If you’d like to donate, click here for all the info!

Note: We will be contacting those who have already donated alerting them to the new prizes so they can update their preferences if desired.


The Abby Cadabby Pack

The first pack is all about my best friend Abby Cadabby, and includes a signed Limited Edition Abby plush and an Abby throw.  Also included is a rare calender featuring Caroll Spinney’s artwork, that Sesame had made for his retirement.  While it’s a 2019 calender and not reusable, it sure is rare!


The Leslie/Lolly Pack

Besides being a tremendous performer, Leslie is also an artist, so she’s donating some of her great artwork to a lucky winner!  It includes a pair of shoes (women’s size 8) hand painted to be unicorns.  It also includes a Lolly Lardpop button, a fairy print, and an illustration of Leslie’s dog Newhart!


We also have an update top the ToughPigs grab bag!  Now included is the chance to curate the tweets of the popular Twitter account MuppetQuotes!  We got this email from the account’s manager:

Hi-ho, Muppet fans! The wildfires in Australia have been devastating, touching animals and people alike, and I want to applaud Jarrod at The Muppet Mindset and ToughPigs for their efforts in raising money for disaster relief. I encourage everyone to give what they can to help support those affected by this tragedy. But it’s time to put our mouth where our money is, so we’re offering a special reward as part of the ToughPigs grab bag prize. The lucky winner of the grab bag, in addition to a selection of Muppet merchandise valued at over $50, will also win their own theme week on MuppetQuotes! We will work with the winner to curate a week’s worth of quotes in the theme of their choice! Like a particular character, like Big Bird, Boober Fraggle, or Statler and Waldorf? We can do a theme week for them! Do you find yourself reciting lines from a particular project, like The Muppet Show or Labyrinth? One week’s worth of quotes coming up! Heck, are there just specific Muppet quotes that you’d like to see on our account? That’s good, too! We’ll work with you to make this the theme week of your dreams as our way of thanking you for helping out with this noble cause.

And now, everyone’s favorite part of announcements, the fine print!

  • The winner is entitled to five (5) dedicated tweets, one tweet per day, Monday through Friday at 1 PM Eastern Time, over the course of a week to be mutually determined by the winner and MuppetQuotes
  • Quotes must be clean (no profanity or explicit sexual or drug-related content), and actual lines from Muppet or Jim Henson-related productions. No fan fiction will be posted.
  • MuppetQuotes reserves the final say in determining what is acceptable to be posted.
  • The winner may choose to be publicly accredited by MuppetQuotes at least once during the theme week by either their name, Twitter account, or both.

As Kermit the Frog once said, giving the commencement address to the Southampton College Class of 1996, “We appreciate what you are doing more than you can even imagine.” Thank you for helping those in need.