All I Want For Christmas Is You (To Buy Me Hallmark Ornaments)

Jarrod Fairclough – It’s only 249 days until Christmas!  You know what that means – soon we’ll all be filled with Christmas cheer, taking a break from work and spending time with those we love.  So, you know, basically what’s happening now, except without the chaos and horrific circumstances.

We’ve got some good news for you though, a little light in your day – Hallmark have again announced more Muppet and Sesame ornaments for 2020, and they’re all super adorable.

hallmark kermit

First we have this Kermit ornament, the frog popping out of the Muppet Show O, likely letting us know that ‘It’s the Muppet Show, with our very special guest star, Werner Herzog!’  It actually plays a segment of The Muppet Show theme song.

hallmark elmo

Next we’ve got this cute little Elmo figure, with his little blue hat and his tinsel.  We love that little fella, and he’s already red, which keeps in the Christmas color theme – bonus!

hallmark cookie gonger

Finally we have this Foodie Truck with our best pal Cookie Monster, and his second-best pal Gonger!  Gonger is one of the best new characters introduced to Sesame Street, and it’s amazing that there’s Gonger merch being sold!  By pressing the button under the window there you’ll hear multiple phrases from Cookie, all about cookies, because it’s not like they’re gonna be about parsnips, is it?