The Fraggles Are Back


Jarrod Fairclough – It what might be the best surprise news we’ve had in ages, it seems The Fraggles are back!  Now, I’ll level with you – usually I have some insider knowledge about these things happening, but this genuinely came out of nowhere!

Fraggle Rock: Rock On is a series filmed from the core casts respective caves, with the performers doing it from their houses.  Original cast Dave Goelz and Karen Prell are back as Boober and Red, with John Tartaglia reprising his role of Gobo from the various Fraggle appearances over the years.  Frankie Cordero, best known as Rudy on Sesame Street, takes over as Wembley, and Donna Kimball, who performed Aughra in Age of Resistance, takes over Mokey from Kathryn Mullen.

The show is available now on Apple TV, and new shorts will drop every week.  You can watch the trailer below.

Guys – the Fraggles are back!