Muppet Newsflash: 15th May 2020

Muppet Newsflash


Kermit and Piggy Sing Along With Imagineers
The Walt Disney Company is filled with some really talented folks, including some great singers and musicians.  And frogs and pigs.  So the most famous frog and pig got together with a bunch of the Imagineers to sing one of the catchiest songs you ever did hear – Brave Little Spark!  Take a look.

Sesame Street Robot Super Heroes?
Yes, Sesame Street Robot Super Heroes.  That’s a real sentence, and it’s a real show that’s coming to HBO Max soon.  Currently entitled Mecha Builders (the title may change), the show centers around Sesame Street characters as heroes in robot-style animation.  The announcement in Animation Magazine included the following example of Cookie Monster, looking very Iron Man-esque.  No word yet on which one will snap their fingers and save the universe, ultimately sacrificing themselves for the cause.


Skeeter Is Back!
Speaking of animated Muppets, the May 22nd episode of Muppet Babies will showcase the return of Skeeter!  She joins her twin brother Scooter in both episodes airing that day, ‘Win a Twin’ and ‘Skeeter and the Super Girls’.  She’s being voiced by iconic voice actor Cree Summer, who also worked with The Muppets back on Kermit’s Swamp Years.  You can check out a preview of the episode below!

Fraggle Rock: Rock On Soundtrack Now Available
The new Fraggle Rock series (how great is that sentence, by the way?) has been an absolute godsend in these weird times.  It’s so nice to have Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober and Red back, along with Uncle Travelling Matt.  They’ve been doing some fun covers of their older songs, and now they’ve made the soundtrack available for streaming!  Just click here to listen to the few songs so far, with more being added after each episode.