Watch Episode 1 of The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo!


Jarrod Fairclough – Elmo’s getting his own talk show on HBO Max in just a few days (Mat 27th), but we don’t want to wait that long!  We want to see Cookie Monster be Elmo’s ‘Andy Richter’ and Mama Bear be his ‘Max Weinberg’ now!

So it’s a good thing that Sesame Street have uploaded the very first episode of The Not-Too-Late show for us on YouTube!  The full episode is there, featuring The Jonas Brothers and the backstage antics of Ernie and Bert (and Rosita and Abby).  It’s a lot of fun, and if you pause on the shots of the audience you’ll see some familiar faces like Don Music, Horatio the Elephant, Little Murray Sparkles and Humphrey, as well as Muppet performers Martin Robinson and Frankie Cordero.  Watch the whole thing below!