Times Are Totally Tubular!

1980s mindset

Jarrod Fairclough – Hey, McFly!  Welcome back to the totally tubular Muppet Mindset!  Put down your Teddy Ruxpin and your Cabbage Patch dolls – we’ve got some cool news!

muppet babies group

Muppet Babies is still a totally gnarly show!  Skeeter and Scooter are still tearing up the playroom with Kermit and Piggy!  Radical!


Those Fraggles are back on TV, and new episodes are coming soon!  That show is legit, yo!


Remember your favorite movie Labyrinth?  There could be a sequel!  How deadly would that be!  Hopefully it goes ahead, if not then gag me with a spoon!

Photo 21-5-20, 8 13 46 pm

The Muppets are back soon with a brand new series of sketches on TV!  I’m so excited I could ralph!

Fraggles, Muppet Babies, Labyrinth and Muppets on TV…  This IS the 80’s, right?