Below The Frame Podcast Launches August 12

Below The Frame logo

Jarrod Fairclough – One of the best treats us Muppet fans ever got was Matt Vogel’s web series Below The Frame, which would take place in the Muppet Lounge during a lunch break while filming Sesame Street.  Each episode, Matt would chat with his fellow puppeteers, give out little tips and tricks, do little sketches and all other kinds of fun things.

Below the frame podcast

Now, Below The Frame returns, but not as we know it.  Rather than a web series, Matt has turned the show into a full length podcast!  Launching tomorrow, August 12th, fans can expect in-depth interviews with the Muppet performers about their start in the business, how they got to Sesame Street, how they perform their characters, and so much more.  Believe me when I say so much more – there’s also sketches, tips and tricks, and lots of non-Muppet chat too.


Tomorrow Matt is dropping THREE episodes!  The first features Stephanie D’Abruzzo, the second is with Peter Linz, and the third is with Carmen Osbahr.

I’m also very excited for the release, because I actually helped out a little on the show, and edited some of the interviews (including all three I just mentioned).  All I’ll say is you’re in for a treat.  Within the first 10 minutes of Stephanie’s interview I emailed Matt to tell him just how fun this show was already!


Go go go Below The Frame tomorrow!