Swipe Your Cares Away

Jarrod Fairclough – Be honest, you’ve always wanted a Fraggle you could carry around in your pocket. A little pal who spent the day with you. Well now, thanks to Card.com and The Jim Henson Company, that’s exactly what you can get!

Henson have teamed up with Card.com to give us credit cards with some of your favorite characters featured. On offer are over 200 pictures from the various Henson franchises, like the Fraggles, Labyrinth, Dark Crystal and Farscape, as well as some remastered versions of Jim Henson doodles!

(Also available, seperate from this announcement, are dozens of Sesame Street cards).

So why not get The Trash Heap on a credit card, so when your partner asks ‘Why did you buy that rubbish on Amazon?’ you can slyly giggle at the irony.