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The Muppet Mindset is the go-to blog for everything Muppetational from The Muppets Studio, Sesame Street and Sesame Workshop, The Jim Henson Company, and more! With over 1,400 articles, over two million total visitors, 30 interviews, and over seven years of service, The Muppet Mindset is dedicated to spreading the joy of the Muppets and providing Muppet fans with an outlet to express their fandom. Check back daily for a much-needed Muppet fix!

We are always looking for contributors for our daily blog updates. If you would like to contribute to The Muppet Mindset, email Jarrod Fairclough at muppetmindset@gmail.com with your idea for an article.


Ryan DosierMe and Kermit
Ryan Dosier is the founder of The Muppet Mindset. A talking sandwich told Ryan to spread the good news about the Muppets and the rest is history. Ryan has interviewed Kermit the Frog, Bill Barretta, Jerry Nelson, Elmo, Peter Linz, Walter, and many other Muppet-related individuals–and none of their careers suffered because of it. Ryan attended the World Premiere of The Muppets in 2011 where he met Jason Segel and covered the World Premiere of Muppets Most Wanted in 2014. Ryan plans to continue running The Muppet Mindset until his fingers fall off or until he has to go into hiding. (I swear that penguin jumped in front of my skateboard.)

In 2015 Ryan left The Muppet Mindset to join Disney, although we’re pretty sure that penguin finally caught up with him…

Jarrod Fairclough

015Jarrod Fairclough is one of the most prolific contributors to The Muppet Mindset. Beginning in 2015, Jarrod has been running the day to day operations of The Muppet Mindset, which is the most running he’ll ever do, because running is the worst. Yet before then, he was born and raised down under in Australia, where he was lucky enough not to be eaten by a dingo as a baby. For The Muppet Mindset, Jarrod has chronicled his trip to America, alerted us to phony-baloney Muppets, written an essay comparing Count von Count to the Twilight craze, and his own series of articles “?” with Jarrod Fairclough where he asks the tough questions such as “Why does Pepe say ‘okay’?” and “What’s Going on with the Fraggle Rock Movie?”  

mitchellMitchell Stein
Mitchell Stein took over ‘right hand’ duties when Ryan left the site, where he is responsible for puppeteering Jarrod’s right hand in all business matters. This has lead to some sloppy handwriting and botched contracts, which is why we’re no longer welcome in Yugoslavia. Mitchell also writes reviews and opinion pieces, which is better than shouting his opinion from the rooftops, which had him kicked out of clown college.

Kyle Mahoneymahoney
Kyle Mahoney has contributed many articles to The Muppet Mindset and started two brand new series: Weekly Human Wednesdays and Muppet Retro Reviews. Kyle has enjoyed much popularity from on Muppet Mindset, complaining that he can no longer walk down the street without being recognized. (Of course, this may be due to his penguin butler scandal… but he swears it’s our fault.)  Kyle currently helms all Tumblr duties for the site.

abigailAbigail Maughan
Abigail Maughan’s primary contribution to The Muppet Mindset has been numerous Weekly Muppet Wednesdays about female characters like Kira, Geri and the Atrics, and Yolanda the Rat. (She liked Yolanda before it was cool.) She’s branched out since then and is most proud of her Fraggle essays, and her article about Muppet characters who are Muppet fans. She likes being a part of The Muppet Mindset, and her friends like that too, because the more she writes about Muppets, the less they have to hear about it.

The British CorrespondentTBC
What is there to say about The British Correspondent? Someone who has taken over The Muppet Mindset on multiple occasions, someone who has done unspeakable things to Ryan’s cat (the poor cat can’t speak any more), and someone who, on the rarest of occasions, actually produces quality work. What is his position at The Muppet Mindset? Usually a crouched position hiding in a closet or outside Ryan’s bedroom window. The British Correspondent has contributed numerous articles to The Muppet Mindset, mostly about Lady Gaga and something called “ArtPop.” We haven’t heard from T.B.C. in awhile… thankfully.



James V. CarrollJamie
James Carroll is an official Disney/Muppet artist, selling out two Muppet art prints through Acme Archives. The handiwork of James Carroll can be seen all over The Muppet Mindset. James is responsible for the clean-cut professional look that has become trademark here at the Mindset. James also developed, designed, and illustrated a fully-working Flash program “How to Draw Pepe in 10 Easy Steps.” Visit his website at jvcarroll.com.

Dave Hulteen, Jr.dave
The Muppet Mindset’s favorite artist, Dave Hulteen has provided an inordinate amount of wonderful artwork for Muppet fan sites. Dave designed the gorgeous headers for our one year anniversary and the holiday seasons of 2009 and 2010. Dave is one of the most talented artists in the Muppet fan community and also likes photographing dead fruit. Visit Dave at his website DaveHulteenDesign.com!

Chris&CookieMonsterChris Stulz
Chris Stulz is a frequent contributor of graphics for The Muppet Mindset. Chris’s work can be seen in almost every edition of Weekly Muppet Wednesdays after 2011. Chris also runs the popular and informative fan page Muppet Stuff out of his basement where he spends hours training mice to catalogue and organize various Muppet collectibles.

FREQUENT CONTRIBUTORS (Contributors with 10 or More Posts)

James Gannon
James Gannon James Gannon, also known as “The Muppet Comic Mondays Guy” is one of the most frequent contributors to The Muppet Mindset. For years, he submitted his reviews of various Muppet comic books for us to enjoy. With the continued release of The Muppet Show Comic Book, Sesame Street comics, and Fraggle Rock comics, James has stayed busy!

CookieShane Keating
You’d be hard pressed to find someone more knowledgeable about Sesame Street than Shane Keating (except maybe Joan Ganz Cooney). Shane has been contributing to The Muppet Mindset since week one (and he’s still here?), where he reviewed new Sesame DVDs. Since then he has written weekly reviews of new Sesame Street Seasons 40, 41, 42, 43, 44 and 45, as well as on a few episodes of Season 46.

Michael WermuthLipscloseup
Michael Wermuth is one of The Muppet Mindset’s most frequent contributors. He has contributed numerous articles of Top Ten lists, Christmas lists, and grocery lists (okay, he didn’t do that last one, but we do need eggs). He is also a frequent contributor to Weekly Muppet Wednesdays where he has written spotlight articles for characters such as Herry Monster. His favorite Muppet is Lips… hence the picture.


One thought on “About The Muppet Mindset

  1. I love the Muppets! From Kermit to Fraggle Rock and the movies. I am all over anything Jim Henson. They are so great it hard to have a favorite.

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