Fan (end of the) Week – Part 2: The Top 10 Songs of: Paul Williams Fan Covers

As our 2 day event wraps up, Kieran’s checking out covers of songs by the legendary Paul Williams. There’s the old classics, and even Emmett Otter gets a look in!


Fan (end of the) Week 2018 – Part 1

Fan Week returns in a reduced format this year, with both fan art and replica puppets! There’s rafting, sushi, and… Yorick?

Fan Week ’17 – Miscellaneous Pieces

With only 5 days to fit all of Fan Week in to, unfortunately we can’t dedicate entire segments to collections, or fan toys, or any of that sort of stuff, which is why we have the Miscellaneous Pieces day, a time where pretty much ‘everything else’ can get shown off.  Below you’ll find collections, toys…

Fan Week ’17 – The Videos of Zach Woliner

Zach Woliner is well known in these part for his Muppet fandom, and his love for puppetry.  He can be seen out and about doing various puppet shows with his character Wally Wackiman, and he even had a documentary made about him! One of Zach’s favorite hobbies is making Muppet videos and sharing them online.…