Rachel’s Muppet Monday: Exploring the World of The Dark Crystal

Our Adorkable pal Rachel Herrick has taken a moment out of her relaxing tropical holiday to talk about The Dark Crystal before the new Netflix prequel series begins.


Cookie Monster’s NYC Food Tour!

Jarrod Fairclough – When I’m not thinking of Muppets, I’m thinking of food, because food is delicious and I’m on a diet.  But when I think about both, one blue furry monster comes to mind – Cookie Monster! And now our favorite foodie (and friend of the site!) Cookie Monster has taken himself on a food…

HQ With Your Guest Host, Bert!

Jarrod Fairclough – In news to me, apparently America is going crazy for a new quiz game app HQ, in which you answer questions for the chance to win real actual money.  It’s hosted live daily by comedian Scott Rogowsky, and last night’s game featured a very special co-host, all the way from Sesame Street –…