Sesame Street at SDCC!

The cast of Sesame Street hung out at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, and we’ve got a couple of videos. Watch as they’re reunited with Maria, and Big Bird sings a new version of ‘Sing After Me’. Plus Hasbro showed off the Cookie Replica you can order now!

Street Tank

Ever wanted a smartphone app that would help you communicate with chickens?  No, us either, but that hasn’t stopped the cast of Sesame Street from pitching some terrible ideas on this parody of Shark Tank.

HQ With Your Guest Host, Bert!

Jarrod Fairclough – In news to me, apparently America is going crazy for a new quiz game app HQ, in which you answer questions for the chance to win real actual money.  It’s hosted live daily by comedian Scott Rogowsky, and last night’s game featured a very special co-host, all the way from Sesame Street –…

Backyard With Bert

Jarrod Fairclough – Over the past couple of years it seems like Sesame Street have really be leaning in to sketches that have no educational value – they’re just funny.  Look at that 80’s song spoof just a few months back; unless educating kids on Footloose is part of STEM, that thing was made just for…