The Happytime Razzies

The divisive Happytime Murders is up for 6 Razzie Awards, joining an elite (if mean-spirited) club alongside Paul Blart, Kirk Cameron and The Emoji Movie.


Eggy Noggy

Forget Muppet Christmas Carol and Muppet Family Christmas. The best Muppet Christmas production is Tales From The Vet Christmas Party ’93 from Muppets Tonight. Here’s why.

Watch ‘Muppet Christmas Carol’ with Brian Henson & Dave Goelz!

Jarrod Fairclough – The Muppet Christmas Carol is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary, and Disney have done a wonderful job ensuring the film gets the recognition it deserves.  There’s been quizzes, cards and even an edible poster. And now, in the biggest treat of the year, director Brian Henson and Muppet performer Dave Goelz have sat…

Happytime Murders Release Date!

Jarrod Fairclough – Happy time news for Happytime fans!  The long awaited Henson Company film Happytime Murders, which will star Melissa McCarthy and a bunch of puppets, has finally gotten a release date! The crime-noir film, directed by Brian Henson, will be released August 17, 2018!  That’s only 13 months from now! We can’t wait!  Better…

Melissa McCarthy Joins ‘Happytime Murders’

Variety are reporting that comedy star Melissa McCarthy has signed on to join the Henson Company puppet noir film Happytime Murders, which is scheduled to begin production in August. In a statement, Melissa said “When a really good script combines puppet strippers, Los Angeles’ underbelly, and comedy, it’s like my fever dream has finally come true”…