The Jim Henson Retrospectacle: Celebrating Jim Henson

During New Zealand’s Jim Henson Retrospectacle, a bunch of people got together to celebrate Jim Henson, as well as the craziness around The Muppets.


The Premiere of Muppet Guys Talking

To celebrate the premiere of Muppet Guys Talking, the guys jumped on Facebook Live with some very special guests to give us, what basically turned out to be Muppet Guys Talking 2!

Make Muppet Performer Lego A Reality!

Jarrod Fairclough – Way back in October we showed off our friend Ivan Guerrero’s design for a Sesame Street Lego set, which you can still vote on by checking out that article.  Ivan recently submitted another design, this time showcasing a selection of the original Muppet performers! Inspired in part by the upcoming documentary Muppet Guys…