Sesame Street’s Fourth of July-ly-ly

Sesame Street is celebrating the Fourth of July with a hilarious parody of NSYNC’s 2000 hit, Bye Bye Bye.

Yep. That song. From 18 years ago.


Elmo Presents HQ Trivia

Elmo co-hosted HQ Trivia, where he played Marco Polo, did a happy dance, and revealed how much Cookie Monster pays for cookies.

The Top 10 Songs of: Elmo

Kieran Moore – It’s hard to believe, but this is my 31st character chart! When I started this series in 2015, Elmo’s name was written on one of the very first pieces of paper I used to select which character would be featured next. Week after week he didn’t get picked so the pressure of writing…

We Interviewed Elmo!

Jarrod Fairclough – If you follow Elmo on Facebook and Twitter, you may know that he’s currently in Australia to promote Season 47 of Sesame Street.  Well, we were lucky enough to get to hang out with him while he was in Melbourne! Watch below as Elmo and I talk slang terms, bunnies and impressions, and…

Love with Elmo & Brielle

Jarrod Fairclough – Just the other week we posted an adorable video of Ellen DeGeneres’ resident child genius Brielle talking the science of cookies with Elmo, The Count and (of course) Cookie Monster.  Well, in celebration of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, Brielle has made another video with Elmo where they talk what love means to them, and…

The Science of Cookies

Jarrod Fairclough – Just a couple of weeks ago Oscar appeared on Ellen and got schooled in kindness.  Today Elmo, The Count and Cookie Monster have appeared with regular Ellen guest, child genius Brielle, to make – what else – cookies! The whole thing is very adorable and very educational.  Take a look!

The Letter Yook!

Jarrod Fairclough – The letter yook is by far my favorite number, so I was surprised to find out it’s also a letter of the alphabet!  Who’d have thunk it? Last week Elmo, Cookie and Grover appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live as the host presented his new letter of the alphabet (pronounced ‘yook’), including a fun…