The Premiere of Muppet Guys Talking

To celebrate the premiere of Muppet Guys Talking, the guys jumped on Facebook Live with some very special guests to give us, what basically turned out to be Muppet Guys Talking 2!


Review: Muppet Guys Talking

Good news! Muppet Guys Talking is now available! Head to to purchase the film, then once you’ve watched it head back here where we’re reviewing the film again, but this time we’re not holding back with the spoilers!

Other Documentaries We’d Like To See

Jarrod Fairclough – On March 16th, Frank Oz’s documentary Muppet Guys Talking will be released, joining the small but growing list of documentaries about the world of Muppets.  In 2012 we had Being Elmo, based on Kevin Clash, and then in 2014 Copper Pot Pictures released the gorgeous I Am Big Bird, detailing the career of…

Muppet Guys Talking Q&A

Jarrod Fairclough – It seems the South by Southwest film festival was dominated by Frank Oz’s new Muppet documentary, Muppet Guys Talking.  The reviews so far are phenomenal, and it seems like there’s a real treat coming out way. After the premiere, Frank, Fran Brill, Dave Goelz, Bill Barretta and producer (and Frank’s wife) Victoria Labalme sat…