The University of Maryland Is Celebrating Jim Henson!

The University of Maryland is celebrating the work of Jim Henson with a showing of his experimental films, plus a talk with biographer Brian Jay Jones!


Muppet Newsflash: March 27th 2018

Sesame Street gets nominated for Emmys, The Muppets get funny for charity, there could be a VR Tale of Sand, and more in this Muppet Newsflash!

Make Muppet Performer Lego A Reality!

Jarrod Fairclough – Way back in October we showed off our friend Ivan Guerrero’s design for a Sesame Street Lego set, which you can still vote on by checking out that article.  Ivan recently submitted another design, this time showcasing a selection of the original Muppet performers! Inspired in part by the upcoming documentary Muppet Guys…

Other Documentaries We’d Like To See

Jarrod Fairclough – On March 16th, Frank Oz’s documentary Muppet Guys Talking will be released, joining the small but growing list of documentaries about the world of Muppets.  In 2012 we had Being Elmo, based on Kevin Clash, and then in 2014 Copper Pot Pictures released the gorgeous I Am Big Bird, detailing the career of…

The Top 10 Songs of: Ernie

Kieran Moore – Having reached the halfway point in my Muppet Show anniversary charts and the massive milestone of 100 lists, I thought it might be fun to take a break and go “old school” for a little while. So we’re putting aside the yearly charts for now and going back to looking at individual characters…