Rachel’s Muppet Monday: She Drives Me Crazy

In this Muppet Monday, Rachel checks out the most 90’s thing you’ll ever see – Kermit and Piggy’s ‘She Drives Me Crazy’.


Muppet Babies Figures!

There’s some awesome new Muppet Babies action figures coming soon, with banjos, cakes and a chicken bow and arrow?


Jarrod Fairclough – If there’s one thing I know more about than Muppets, it’s the world of high end fashion.  There’s, um…  Vogue?  That’s a thing, right? The Muppets have teamed up with the photographer known as Rankin to do a fashion shoot, and rather than just make a quick little promotional video, they’ve made a…

Merry Videos From The Muppets

Jarrod Fairclough – Christmas is right around the corner, so I hope you have your presents bought by this point, or your weekend is going to be HECTIC.  With all this holiday cheer, The Muppets are doing what they do best, and celebrating the holidays.  They’ve released three new videos to wish us a Merry Christmas,…