Welcome to The Muppet Mindset!

Greetings, Muppet fans! Welcome to The Muppet Mindset, the newest blog on the web for all things Muppets. From Kermit and Gonzo, to Big Bird and Elmo, to the Fraggles and Doozers–The Muppet Mindset is your go-to place for product reviews, opinion articles, and maybe an interview or two. Please enjoy yourself and leave your comments when and if you wish. I’m looking forward to embarking on this exciting blogging journey. So… as everyone’s favorite frog once said,

“Movin’ right along, Fozzie.”

About Me: My name is Ryan Dosier, I’m also known as theprawncracker at the Muppet Central Forums. For this site, I’ll go by Prawnie or Ryan, so I’d prefer if you’d call me one of those. I’m a life-long obsessed Muppet fan and love everything Muppet related. This blog is my chance to show off my opinions of recent Muppet appearances, products, etc. You can find me on Facebook, or Muppet Central.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to The Muppet Mindset!

  1. Greetings right back at ya! I'm very excited to see a brand new Muppalogic website sprouting forth (which sounds either painful, or like a kind of health food.) Love the name, love the format, love the idea! Adding you to Twitter!

  2. You say: “Jim Lewis’s words partner with Jim Henson’s artwork wonderfully—a truly commendable feat.”

    Me think: Thog got most commendable feet!

  3. Prawnie,

    Finally got a chance to delve into the blog and I decided no better way than to start from the beginning. I look forward to hearing your opinions and sharing some of mine. Good luck in your new endeavor.

    (aka: unclematt from the Muppet Central Forums)

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