What Muppet Fans Got For Christmas 2020

Jarrod Fairclough – It’s January 5th, so of course it’s time to talk about Christmas, as it’s just around the corner. We put out the call last week to Muppet fans, asking what fun stuff they got for the holidays, and there’s some really great stuff. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Alison recieved the extremely cool Sesame Street LEGO set!
Becca got a cool monster tree topper. How is this Muppety, you ask? It was built by our pal and Sesame Street puppeteer Stacey Gordon!
Chris got this awesome Kermit tee and a 2021 Disney World pin – hey, Disney remembered The Muppets exist!
Dylan got the Sesame Street Old School DVDs. Are DVDs old school tech now?
Our good buddy Jayden got a copy of The Muppet Movie script, an old membership to the Muppet Fan Club, and a Snuffy toy I need immediately, please and thank you.
Jennifer is gonna enjoy reading Kermit’s biography, Before You Leap!
Julia got an amazing Sesame Street music box. Not pictured are Bert and Ernie in great 70s style drawings.
Lucas (from The Muppet Collection Page on Facebook) got a mug designed by Evan Cheng, and a Kermit throw blanket slankey thingy.
Lydia got a bynch of stuff including old and new figurines, and enough socks to last a lifetime.
Sandra got a Piggy puppet and a Kermit I wanna snuggle forever.
Shane got a copy of John Denver & The Muppets; A Christmas Together, and now I have ‘Christmas Is Coming’ stuck in my head.
Finally, Thomperfan got these Cookie Monster PJ pants, and claims they’ll be wearing them for 2 years straight – maybe wash them around the 12 month mark, pal.

Thanks to everyone who submitted!