Muppet Newsflash – July 18th 2016

Muppet Newsflash

News Update – July 18th 2016

Last week we had a fantastic time celebrating Fan Week!  With all the fan art, videos, Taminella Grinderfall puppets and other stuff, we didn’t have a chance to report on some very big pieces of news that came out last week!  Let’s take a look.


PizzeRizzo Is Coming To Disney World
Late last year we heard rumors that Disney World would be getting a Muppet themed restaurant, and with the addition of Muppets Courtyard, it seems that the Muppets are taking over the park!  Last week Disney announced PizzeRizzo, an Italian-American restaurant owned and operated by our favorite rat.
Set to open this fall, Disney’s press release states: Walt Disney Imagineering hid hints of Rizzo, his extended family and friends who have visited PizzeRizzo over the years throughout the two-story quick-service location. In addition to the expansive indoor and outdoor seating area, guests will be able to dine in a “cheesy” banquet room, or take five in a special booth designated just for Rizzo’s celebrity friends.

‘The Muppets’ Gets Nominated For An Emmy
Remember ‘The Muppets’ on ABC, with Gloria Estefan and Big Mean Carla and Yolanda’s blow wave?  Though it didn’t get a second season (outrageous), the first season has been honored with an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Program (Half-Hour or Less) which, incidentally, is my favorite award.
The design on this show was incredible, and the nomination is well deserved.  Good luck to everyone!


The Jim Henson Planter
Magruder Park in Hyattsville, Maryland is getting an incredible piece of art by Bill Culberston, who has created a planter that commemorates Jim Henson and Sam and Friends, his very first series from 1955.  The planter has images of Kermit and his old friends, and should be on display later this summer.

dinosaurs cast

Dinosaurs Streaming on ABC’d
A while back the 90’s series Dinosaurs was taken down from streaming service Netflix, which made us all want to hit someone on the head with a frying pan.  Thankfully the show is available once again online, with the new app ABC’d, which is available on via Apple, Google and Amazon, as well as, Xbox and Roku.

New Banner bigger

The Muppet Mindset Gets A New Look
While this isn’t really classified as ‘news’, you may have noticed that The Muppet Mindset looks different!  This is something we’ve been looking at doing for a while, as this new layout makes the most recent articles easier to access, rather than ‘pushing them down’ when a new article is posted.  It also makes it easier to post multiple articles a day, which we’ve previously refrained from doing to allow the first post to be seen.  We have a new banner too, and thanks to our pal James V Carroll for his advice on it.

2 thoughts on “Muppet Newsflash – July 18th 2016

  1. I was wondering when you were going to give the site a similar makeover to “The Mickey Mindset”. No more slow loading scrolling! One minor nitpick: is there any way of have the article thumbnail show how many comments an article receives? “The Mickey Mindset” has that.

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