Interview with Muppeteer Peter Linz and Walter


Ryan Dosier – Today I am so pleased, and honored, and proud to present The Muppet Mindset’s third-ever audio interview, and perhaps our best interview ever. I had the extreme good fortune of talking with my friend Muppeteer Peter Linz, performer of Walter in The Muppets, Tutter in Bear in the Big Blue House, and a slew of others. Peter was both gracious, kind, and hysterical, and I think you can tell that we were both having a lot of fun in the interview. What’s more, Walter actually happened to be around when Peter and I were talking and took time out of his big, movie star schedule to talk with me! Walter and I had met before, so it was wonderful to continue our repartee. But… enough out of me, I’ll let Peter and Walter speak for themselves. The first video features only Peter, talking about the audition process for Walter, Muppets From Space, Bear in the Big Blue House, and a lot more. The second video features me and Walter just geeking out. Enjoy it… I know I certainly did.

All of my thanks, both professionally and personally, go out to Peter Linz for his kind heart, his witty mind, and his friendship. I know you’re probably reading, Peter, so thank you! (PS – Still no PS.)

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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