The ALL NEW Great Muppet Survey

Great Muppet Survey

One of the pillars of The Muppet Mindset has been The Great Muppet Survey, with dozens of responses over the sites 7 year history.  And after so many responses, we thought it might be time we update the questions, bringing you a whole new set to answer!  So if you’ve submitted a Survey before, feel free to do so again!  Take a look below, and send your answers to

Please Note: We are not accepting surveys with ‘non-answers’ like “I can’t choose” or “I love them all”.  Take a moment to really think about each question, even type your thinking out before you make your decision if you think that could help.

  1. What is your favorite Sesame Street sketch, and why?
  2. What is your favorite Muppet Show sketch, and why?
  3. Who is your favorite character (from any franchise) and why?
  4. Who is your least favorite character (from any franchise) and why?
  5. What is your least favorite production (from any franchise) and why?
  6. What’s your favorite song from any Muppet movie, and why?
  7. Who is your favorite Muppet performer, and why?
  8. What is your favorite post-1990 Muppet production, and why?
  9. What is your favorite bit of Muppet merchandise (you don’t necessarily have to own it)?
  10. You get to spend a day on Sesame Street.  What do you do?
  11. Which is better – The Muppets (2011) or Muppets Most Wanted (2014) and why?
  12. Pitch a Muppet movie in no more than 140 characters.
  13. What’s the name of that song?
  14. Be honest: How many times have you had to tell your friends he isn’t the Veggie Monster now.
  15. If you got to interview one Muppet/Sesame Street character, who would you pick, and what would you ask?