The Muppet Mindset on The MuppetCast!

Remember a few weeks ago when The Muppet Mindset turned a year old? Well, if you do, then you might also remember that our good friend Steve Swanson, owner/operator of The MuppetCast didn’t contribute any birthday wishes. There’s a very good reason for this (and no, it’s not that Steve doesn’t like birthday cake), and it’s because Steve wanted to do something special for us. So instead of sending birthday wishes our way… he interviewed Ryan Dosier for the latest episode of the podcast!

That’s right ladies and gents, now you can hear Ryan talk about The Muppet Mindset, our great contributors and fans, all of his Muppet stuff, how an idea becomes an article on The Muppet Mindset, how he balances school, The Mindset, and a social life (sort of), and, of course, you’ll hear about his rampant war with Joe Hennes of ToughPigs.

All this and more can be heard in Episode #174 of The MuppetCast. The segment with Ryan starts around 40:30, but you should listen to the whole thing because it’s awesome!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier

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