Jarrod Fairclough – If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, you’ll notice that we’ve teamed up with our best frenemies over at ToughPigs to get the hashtag #RenewTheMuppets trending.  It’s our way of helping ensure that The Muppets is given a second season after it finishes with a double episode tonight at 8/7c on ABC.

We’re yet to hear whether or not the series will be coming back for a second shot, which isn’t necessarily a negative thing, as it means discussions are still ongoing, giving that window even the slightest opening.  So, as the hardcore Muppet fans we are, it’s our job to show the people at Disney and ABC that we want to see the continuing stories of our favorite frogs, bears, chickens and things.

After the last few episodes we’ve been sharing images with the information you need to support the show.  We thought we’d go through just what each method does.


  1. Streaming – Websites like ABC and Hulu are probably the biggest way you can help the series.  These views go directly towards the ratings, and show ABC exactly how many people are watching the series.  Even if you’ve watched the show as it airs on ABC, why not give it a quick stream as well?  Unfortunately the American ratings system is outdated, with only some homes being counted, meaning the ratings could in fact be substantially higher, and just not noted.  Thankfully with these streaming sources you can directly contribute, even if you aren’t a Nielsen Family.  You can steam the show via ABC here or Hulu here.
  2. Twitter – The more people that tweet with hashtags #TheMuppets and/or #RenewTheMuppets the more ABC see that people are in fact watching and enjoying the show.  So, from 8/7c tonight, get those phones out and tweet away!
  3. Email – Heading to the website above (which you can do right here!) will take you to an area where you can email ABC directly about whichever show you wish – in this case, The Muppets.  This gives you a platform to put your thoughts in to words and give it immediately to the network that will decide the show’s fate.  With 500 characters allowed, it’s allows a little more depth than Twitter.
  4. Phone – Those located in the US have the added bonus of being able to call ABC’s Audience Feedback line, which allows you to leave a 30 second voicemail.  If you’re going to do this (and I recommend it!) maybe practice what you’re going to say first, to really utilize the full 30 seconds allotted.

If you need any advice, feel free to ask us anything on Facebook or Twitter, or shoot us an email at muppetmindset@gmail.com and we’ll do our best to help out!  Otherwise those good folks at ToughPigs can probably give you a hand as well! (Thanks to Joe Hennes for making the awesome pictures we’ve been sharing!)

Make sure you tune in tonight, 8/7c for the double episode season finale.  It’s got a lot of heart and a lot of humor.  And use those hashtags! #RenewTheMuppets


3 thoughts on “#RenewTheMuppets

  1. Dear Muppet Mindset:

    Just a suggestion: If people are in the coveted 18-34 year old key demographic, they might want to mention that when contacting ABC.

    Also, if anyone calls ABC’s Audience Feedback line, the code for ‘The Muppets’ is 687. Otherwise, you have to listen to the code numbers for every ABC series in alphabetical order.

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