The Swedish Chef and PAM

Jarrod Fairclough – You know what I love besides Muppets, Netflix and crying at Pixar films?  Cooking.  I’m terrible at it, and it will likely take me three hours to make 3 minute pasta, but I love it.  And my recent find was cooking spray – how did no-one tell me cooking spray was a thing?

Well, even more recent than that was The Swedish Chef’s ads for PAM Olive Oil cooking spray.  In (at least) two ads, The Swedish Chef does what he does best, making a mess in the kitchen, injuring chickens, and makes a lovely Croquembouche, which is a word I cannot spell.  Take a look!

Thanks to our good pal Michael Lanzer for pointing me towards these.  While you’re at it, go and take a look at his Facebook page ‘Puppet Creation Lab‘, which includes some fine puppetry we did together!