Celebrities I’d Like to See Work With the Muppets

A trademark of many Muppet productions is their uncanny ability to attract some of today’s biggest stars to appear alongside Kermit, Fozzie, and the gang. Why, The Muppets alone featured some of the most popular names in comedy today (Neil Patrick Harris, Jim Parsons, Donald Glover). The Muppets have worked with so many people in their productions that almost every time I watch a television show or movie I find my mind wandering and thinking about how perfect some individuals would be with the Muppets. That is what inspired this post and my challenge for you, Muppet fans: List five celebrities you would like to see work with the Muppets and briefly explain why. Email the answers to muppetmindset@gmail.com by Thursday, June 28th, and I’ll collect the answers and post them here next week! Here are my answers below (and I listed six… because I can):

KRISTEN BELL – Besides being drop dead gorgeous, Kristen Bell is an extremely funny and willing actress. See her in Forgetting Sarah Marshall if you don’t believe me. Kristen Bell has some major comedy chops that would be a fantastic match for the Muppets. I can see her now flirting with Kermit, duking it out with Miss Piggy, or throwing Pepe off his game. And again… drop dead gorgeous.

JON HAMM – You may not believe it, but the Mad Men star is actually incredibly adept at making funny things. Catch him in Bridesmaids for him being a hilarious jerk. Yes, he did kiss Miss Piggy at the BAFTAs (see right), but he has never worked with the Muppets on any of their productions. He would be so great partnering with Fozzie for some jokes or dodging Rizzo and Pepe’s sleazy requests for advertising work from Don Draper.

AMY POEHLER – The SNL alum and Parks and Recreation star appeared on Sesame Street in Season 41, but how perfect would she be with the Muppets? I’d love to see her try (and fail) acts with everyone… but seeing Lew Zealand hurl boomerang fish at her would be amazing. Plus, I’m sure Statler and Waldorf would get a kick out of her character’s name being Leslie Knope.

JOEL McHALE – I’m completely biased here because Community is by and large my favorite show on television… but that doesn’t make Joel McHale any less awesome. When Statler and Waldorf appeared on the McHale-hosted The Soup earlier this year they cracked up the audience with their banter with Joel. Perhaps Joel could share handsome tips with Bobo the Bear or play Batman in a sketch with Robin the Frog as Robin. (Can you tell I think about this a lot?)

STEVE CARELL – Another one of my favorite actors, Michael Scott himself, Steve Carell. He is one of the most naturally funny individuals on the scene today and he would make any encounter with a Muppet undoubtedly hilarious. Picture him being a diva and making Scooter work for him or laughing throughout an entire stand-up routine with Fozzie.

CRAIG FERGUSON – My personal favorite late-night funnyman, host of The Late Late Show Craig Ferguson always makes me laugh. He has a great history of Muppets on his show (Kermit and Pepe have both stopped by) and appeared on Sesame Street. He is also a big lover of puppets… see why Craig would be perfect with the Muppets? I’d love to see him in a war of words with the Swedish Chef or gargling old Scottish ballads with Angus McGonagle. (Hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?)

Submit your Muppet celebri-dreams to muppetmindset@gmail.com

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier, muppetmindset@gmail.com

5 thoughts on “Celebrities I’d Like to See Work With the Muppets

  1. Amanda Palmer might be a little much for most.
    Chris Rock has the energy.
    Jennifer Garner, Sarah Michelle Geller, Ellen Page.
    Jason Bateman, Wendie Malick, Tommy Lee Jones, Tony Shaloub, Rip Torn

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