How To Celebrate Miss Piggy Day 2018!


Jarrod Fairclough – Happy Miss Piggy Day!  Yes, it’s the second annual holiday we began with ToughPigs last year, all due to a simple tweet by Kermit the Frog…

And what a tradition it is!  We know you guys love it as much as we do, so here are just a few ideas on how you can celebrate Miss Piggy Day 2018!

Piggy costume.jpg

1 – Dress Up As Miss Piggy!
Another tradition over at ToughPigs is their Annual Halloween Parade, where they check out some of the amazing Muppet costumes people have created.  And thankfully, Miss Piggy is one of the easiest ones to make!  All you need is a blonde wig, some fake pig ears, a fake snout, a dress and gloves, all of which can be found online cheap enough, or in your local second hand shop (maybe not the ears and snout, you can probably make them yourself).  Otherwise, there’s an official Miss Piggy costume, and you can see it modelled above by a woman who will one day be my future wife!

piggy karate.jpg

2 – Take A Karate Class!
Miss Piggy is kickass (excuse the French).  Girl can sing a sweet sultry number about Santa Claus, or duet with Celine Dion, or cry of shame, but still karate chop you in half if you look at her the wrong way.  Some would call that anger management issues, but I call that Miss Piggy.  So, why not sign up for a karate class, and learn how to ‘HI-YA’ the people in your life that laugh at your snout, your tail or your weight.

miss piggy france.jpg

3 – Take a French Class!
As much as she likes to pretend she’s French, we all know Piggy was born on a farm in a backwater town in the South.  But that doesn’t stop her dropping ‘moi’ and ‘vous’ in to everyday speech, giving the impression that she’s classier than her upbringing might suggest.  Why not sign up for a French class while you’re signing up for that karate class, and in no time you’ll know more French than Miss Piggy (the karate will come in handy too when she figures out you know more than her).

miss piggy food.jpg

4 – Eat Everything!
Miss Piggy has a healthy appetite, and so do I.  So, move your cheat day to today and gorge on those pies, pasta and bread you’ve been craving!  Piggy doesn’t care, she knows what she wants and goes for it.  So, drink that big milkshake and shovel that candy into your mouth – and if anyone asks, it’s Miss Piggy Day, dammit!

Miss Piggy singing.jpg

5 – Listen To Miss Piggy’s Hits!
We’re nothing if not helpful here at The Muppet Mindset, so we’ve created a Spotify playlist with just a handful of our favorite Miss Piggy songs, including Never Before from The Muppet Movie, Something So Right from Muppets Most Wanted, and even a few from the brand new Muppet Babies series!  You can check out the playlist by clicking right here.

6 – Watch The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show!
In 1982, Miss Piggy got her own hour special, The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show.  What better way to commemorate her today than by sitting down and watching the full thing above, including Snackcercise, a beautiful rendition of You Light Up My Life, and the weird love triangle between Piggy, John Ritter and George Hamilton.