The Ramblings of Muppet Nerd Jarrod Fairclough, Part… We Don’t Remember

Jarrod Fairclough Presents: The Ramblings of a Muppet Nerd – Edition Number I Don’t Remember Anymore
Hello. I’m back. It’s been a while, eh? How are you? You’re looking well. Is that a new sweater? Okay, enough pleasantries. The Muppets came out almost a year ago now, and it’s taken me this long to write an article on it. I’m not gonna review it, or anything like that. But there are a few things I noticed in the film, some of which are yet to be mentioned. These are movie mistakes.
Sure, you can head on over to Muppet Wiki for a pretty extensive list of Muppet movie mistakes. There
are 3 listed for The Muppets, so let’s start with them, shall we? Oh, and look, I can use screen caps!

1.)   When the telethon begins, Zoot is shown not wearing his hat in the wide shot of the orchestra, and then is wearing his hat when he blows his note in close-up. 

2.)   During the recreation of The Muppet Show opening, Janice is seen in the orchestra pit, but is then seen as part of the female chorus. At the ending reveal, Janice is nowhere to be seen in the row of female characters she was in.

3.)   When Bobo and Uncle Deadly, are singing “Together Again,” Bobo is seen holding a spray bottle, but when the two are commanded to stop singing by Tex Richman, Bobo’s hand’s are empty. Then, when Bobo and Uncle Deadly are blaming each other for the singing, Bobo has the spray bottle in his hands again.

Okay, so those are pretty much just mistakes. Here’s another one I found NOT on that list, but not that big of a deal… During the “Life’s a Happy Song” finale, after the females sing “We can be whatever we wanna be,” they look to the men. The men sing “Nothing we can’t do.” The lead singer of this is Jason Segel.  Except look at his mouth, he isn’t singing at all.  GASP!

Okay, now here’s the biggest one. This one is either a giant mistake on behalf of the filmmakers, or there was another plot line that got cut.

You’ll remember the scene where the Muppets kidnap Jack Black in a ninja-style fashion. Let’s list the characters in the car before hand, shall we? We have Miss Piggy, Swedish Chef, Lew Zealand, Animal, Fozzie, Gonzo, Scooter, and 80’s Robot.

Now, let’s skip ahead to the attack of Jack Black…

Who’s this guy in the picture below? The other characters are accounted for, and he’s certainly not 80’s Robot. No. I think it’s Walter. Walter, who, during this ordeal, was back in the Muppet Theater singing with Jim Parsons.

So was Walter meant to join the other Muppets on the heist? Or did someone stuff up somewhere?

Well, that’s that. Someone go put them on Muppet Wiki, please. I don’t know how. Do you think you found a mistake? Let us know!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

4 thoughts on “The Ramblings of Muppet Nerd Jarrod Fairclough, Part… We Don’t Remember

  1. Yes, it was obviously another plot line that got cut.

    Also, when the Muppets go to plead with Tex Richman in his office, notice that Gary and Walter are also present. But after when the Muppets are outside the building, they are not around;
    If you watch the outtakes reel and some of the promotional production photos, you can tell that the scene was originally supposed to be longer, with Watler giving a speech outside of Tex's building, and that he Gary were going to have a tense conversation.

    The bottom line is all Muppet movies have mistakes.

  2. I like mistakes I think their cool and yes jarrod its a new sweater thank you janice is on of my favorites so I got upset and the openning during the end of it when their singing 'most sensational' line the blank spots got on my nerves but oh well and no timmy monster to greet us in the beginning either *sigh* oh well plot lines get cut a lot but yes
    Bottom line all of them have mistakes I've seen jim hensons hand controlling kermits left arm more than 5 times on the muppet take mannhattan but I like seeing muppeteers and I'm off topic again! *huh* hugs and giggles~maria

  3. RE: Walter showing up as a Ninja.
    Given Walter's hero worship of all things muppet, I'm pretty sure that–if Miss Piggy demanded he help her–he'd have done it, even if it meant being in two places at the same time.

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