REVIEW – Fraggle Rock: Journey to the Everspring, Part 3

Fraggle-Rock-Journey-To-The-Everspring-3-12.10.14James Gannon – Spoilers if you didn’t read the last issue of Fraggle Rock: Journey to the Everspring. But then again, why would you be reading a review of issue three if you didn’t read the first two yet?

At any rate, the second issue closed out with the Fraggles stumbling across an undiscovered group of Doozers, living far down the Crystal Caves. This is where the story really picks up, as if the first 2 issues weren’t already a great read. We’re introduced to Thomas (apparently these Doozers aren’t all named after construction and engineering terms) who gives the Fraggles a tour showing off their large, yet incomplete constructions. Gobo in particular gets enthralled by the Doozers’ spirit of invention, calling back his desire to invent something useful back in issue 1. Unfortunately for both the Fraggles and the new Doozers, there’s no water to be had anywhere until they make a shocking discovery.

FraggleRock03-PRESS-6-0a5eeSo obviously, I‘m going to have to rave about the new Doozer tribe. These are some awesome character designs right here. Afros, punk gear? These are some innovative yet perfectly Doozerlike creations, and I’m always excited by comic book original characters. We’ve seen the likes of Clint Wacky, Kismet the Toad (a precursor to Constantine, perhaps?) and adult Skeeter in The Muppet Show Comic Book. And we can add Thomas and Millie Doozer to the list of impressive original Muppet creations.

We get a very interesting look at a Fraggle-free Doozer world where eating the constructions was never an issue. It’s one thing to just write and illustrate a Fraggle Rock comic book, but it’s another thing when it comes to world building and character creation. And once again, the results are very impressive. Makes me wish previous Fraggle Rock comics by Archaia had original characters to begin with.

FraggleRock03-PRESS-4-f94e4The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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