Product Review – Diamond Select Muppet Figures


Lucas Ervin – Happy Thursday, everyone… And ya know, it’s a great day to be happy, because I finally get to review Diamond Select’s first wave of Muppet figures. We get seven characters in this first batch– Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, Scooter, Robin, Camilla and (for the first time ever) Bean Bunny. As I’ve stated before, this first wave is obviously not perfect, and many of us will be comparing DS’s figures to Palisades, but I’m sure they’ll implement some changes as the waves continue. So let’s get started…


These things are secured in like Fort Knox, so if you’re just wanting to display the boxes then you’re good to go. Be careful as you undo all the twisty-ties, these figures are even more delicate than Palisades. I’m not a fan of the white box, it’s just too plain. Also taped to the back of each box is a tiny folded catalog of DS’s figures, as well as images from the upcoming Muppet Mini-Mates.


This is probably my biggest complaint about this wave. Everything’s a bit glossy and smeared, and it’s not just the eyes– The Muppet Show logo on the back of Scooter’s jacket is way off-center. The ones that have the best paint jobs though are Camilla and Bean Bunny. Due to the paint, Robin’s eyes are a tad bleak, and I plan on redoing his eyes later on myself. Also, the color on Kermit is a bit off… he almost looks like Season 1 & 2 Kermit before they started making him out of antron fleece.


This wave has plenty of it. Kermit alone has 13 points, and even his collar is loose to accommodate for however you’d like to position his neck. Same with Fozzie’s tie. Robin and Bean have 5 points, but I’m not a fan of Robin’s “You lift, bro?” arms. Camilla’s the only one without articulation, but it’s fine since it’s Camilla. Good luck on moving Fozzie’s elbows though! Also, Scooter’s eyeglasses are tied down by a thin, clear rubber band; you’ll see the indention for how his glasses are supposed to sit on his head, but if you’re careful, you can gently push them forward to make his face look better.


Another thing we have plenty of here. The only thing I’d complain about is how some of the accessories are way bigger than the figure, most notably Kermit’s chair and Gonzo’s horn, which is even bigger than the horn they included in the Palisades line. There’s still plenty to work with though, when setting up your display. Kermit’s banjo fits over him perfectly. It’s the little things I love though, like the stool, extra guitar, the clapboard, the coffee mug and Gonzo’s poster stand. I do kinda wish Fozzie’s hat had a magnet though.

I’d say this is a fairly decent start to a wave of figures. I definitely get the impression that Diamond Select’s energy is more into making nine different versions of Iron Man, but if they start listening to the right people, this could be an incredible selection of action figures for both regular and hardcore Muppet fans. Plus, I know it’s the Muppets, but these figures are not durable for young fans. Honestly, I thought these figures were gonna be as tall as their Captain America and Doctor Strange, but these are the size of regular Star Wars figures. Bean’s the size of your average R2-D2. But I’m sure we’ll grow to like them. Just give it time


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